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The yoga mat that takes your practice to the next level.

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Add Props to your Practice

Enhance your yoga and meditation practice with yoga blocks that help you find stability in new poses. Yogis use yoga blocks to carefully align the body and make asanas easier. The sturdiness allows longer-duration holds.

  • Our Mats are a Must Have

    Never Slip Again! There is no towel needed during your practice. The more you sweat, the greater the grip! It is non-slip and easy clean. These Cork mats are a Eco-friendly alternative to your normal yoga mat. It has no PVC or Harsh Chemicals. It’s made from Cork Oak and Natural Rubber.

  • Your Yoga Journey

    Powered by a strong community of yogis, we're here to make your yoga journey easier and more fun. Zentric Flo is a high-quality yoga accessories company developed with an aim to delight and inspire. Making products that help make yoga more accessible to all.

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  • Representation

    While there are many mats out there – Zentric Flo is one of the few that stands out of the crowd with it's unique Afrocentric designs.

  • Meet the Owner

    Learn where you can join the community and take Classes with me

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